Sliding curtain

Need to seal off openings up to 18m wide and 6m high sideways? Our sliding curtain makes it possible!
  • Openings up to 18 m wide and 6m high 
  • Opens to the side 
  • Essential components in aluminium
  • Fasteners are stainless
  • Suitable for difficult conditions
  • Custom-made
  • CE label

Construction and operation

We mount aluminium rails to the left and right of the opening, with a curtain rail at the top. The curtain is suspended from the curtain rail and tightened horizontally using tensioners. Once sealed, the sliding curtain is highly wind-resistant. To slide open the curtain, you first manually release the tensioners to the side of the opening. You can open the curtain from either the left or the right. Optionally, the curtain can be opened from both sides.
All our rails are made of aluminium, making them suitable for use in difficult circumstances. 


Sliding curtains can only be operated manually.

Fabric: wide range of colours per windbreak factor

May absolutely no rain or wind penetrate the windbreak net? Or do you prefer a more breathable fabric? We weld everything completely to order in our factory, allowing us to combine various types of windbreak mesh and tarpaulin. We strive to find the best solution for every project and application! 

Our windbreak nets are available in multiple colours per windbreak factor, all fire retardant (flammability class M2).

*See General Conditions

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  • Projects

    Initially, we wondered if it would be worth the money, but in retrospect this has been one of our better investments. The birds just stay away, as they know they can’t get in anymore. Unpleasant odours have also been reduced significantly, an unexpected side benefit for us!
  • Projects

    The dust screen is a huge boon to both the health of our employees and the stored products!
  • Projects

    Dust and soot from the loading process no longer affect the products. And lorries can still navigate easily between both areas to transport products.

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