About us

Technical Textiles Solutions With A Twist 

Vervaeke produces and installs custom structures using technical textile.

We combine over 29 years of experience with innovative and creative thinking. This means we have the in-house knowledge to produce and install a wide range of complex custom structures.



Initially Vervaeke mainly targeted the agricultural market, when it was established in 1990. The company’s core business is to provide adjustable or permanent windbreaks for stables, ensuring the livestock enjoyed a natural, fresh air supply. This continues to make up a large share of our business even today.

Over the years, a growing number of industrial companies found their way to Vervaeke, in search of custom solutions for their project, including the sealing of a factory building or fitting windscreens along ski jumping hills. As such, the expansion to the industrial market was the logical next step for Vervaeke.

In 2018, Vervaeke merged with T&B, a company specialising in façade cladding, membrane structures, architectural applications and tents. T&B was renamed Vervaeke Artextile and moved to Ruiselede, together with Vervaeke Agri and Vervaeke Industrial.

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