Our products are manufactured fully to order in our factory, the heart of our company. Welding machines using advanced technology are combined with manual work to create quality custom products. 

We have two types of welding machines: two heat welding machines of our own design and a high frequency welder. We also have an automated cutting machine, enabling us to cut the panels extremely accurately.

The steel and aluminium round or square axles are also made to order. This is done using three automatic cutting and drilling machines.

  • Projects

    Thanks to the screen the stored products are now dust free!
  • Projects

    Thanks to the Maxidoor, the large front entrance to the recycle plant, can be completely sealed. This prevents the wind from affecting the waste too much. The lorries can drive through the gate without difficulty, which was a key requirement.
  • Projects

    The wind is kept away and paper and cardboard no longer blow into the neighbouring street. Our waste is also protected from heavy rainfall, benefiting the disposal process!

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