Spare parts

Art. 2
Frame for rolling and eurogate
Art. 3
Keder profile
Art. 4
Crank without hook
Art. 5
Crank with hook
Art. 7
Base plate for rolling gates without frame
Art. 8
Clamping bracket
Art. 10
Square shaft
Travelling shaft
Art. 12
Sliding curtain guide roller
Art. 14
Plastic bottom runner
  • Los-en laadzone


    The dust from the loading process no longers affect the environment.
  • Projects

    The wind is kept away and paper and cardboard no longer blow into the neighbouring street. Our waste is also protected from heavy rainfall, benefiting the disposal process!
  • Projects

    We've placed fixed windbreak nets at this recycle plant. The wind is kept away and the waste stays in place...

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