We take a no-nonsense approach and subscribe to the following values:


We have high demands for our materials, machines and designs. We employ a dedicated, skilled team of experts in the field. Our greatest priority is the production of quality windbreaks which are easy to install and maintain. Subsequently, our products are extremely durable.As we manufacture all our products to order in our own factory, we can monitor and guarantee the quality at all times. 

Problem Solving

We listen carefully to our customers and their desires. We combine over 27 years of experience and craftsmanship with innovative, creative thinking in order to supply custom wind tarps, providing optimal solutions to our customers.

Integrity and Honesty

We believe in honest, transparent, open communication within our company and with our customers. We always operate with integrity and treat each customer and project with professionalism and care.

  • Projects

    Thanks to the Maxidoor, the large front entrance to the recycle plant, can be completely sealed. This prevents the wind from affecting the waste too much. The lorries can drive through the gate without difficulty, which was a key requirement.
  • Projects

    Thanks to the screen the stored products are now dust free!
  • Projects

    We've placed fixed windbreak nets at this recycle plant. The wind is kept away and the waste stays in place...
  • Los-en laadzone


    The dust from the loading process no longers affect the environment.

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