Interior Applications

Do you want to add acoustic panels, light boxes, glass decorations or paintings to your space? We will gladly develop an all-in concept for you.
  • Total design of a space
  • Eye-catchers or subtle elements
  • Everything can be customised with a print

Acoustic panels

Too much noise on the workfloor? Acoustic panels will significantly dampen the sound in a space, absorbing and reducing noise. You can affix the panels to the wall or use them as room dividers. Add a fun print to transform them into real eye-catchers. 

You can create privacy and peace using an acoustic room divider. And if you want to change the room layout after a while, you can easily move our mobile room dividers around the space. The prints can also be replaced.

Glass Decoration

Choose windows with a matt look thanks to sandblasted film. It’s a great idea to create a sense of privacy or advertise, in a subtle way.

If you want to achieve more of an effect, choose a coloured film or a film with a custom print. We can cut shapes and figures with great precision thanks to our automated cutting machine.

Backlit banners and light boxes

We install the lights behind the banner in light boxes, to make your image or ad message stand out even more.


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