Polyrope System with extra windbreak net

Product code: 
222 032
  • Openings up to 200m wide and 2.5m high
  • Opens from the bottom upwards
  • Bird mesh available in various windbreak factors
  • Multifunctional: useful in many applications
  • Custom-made
  • CE label

Construction and operation

The system rolls up from the bottom, allowing air to enter from below. The curtain wall is controlled by a stainless steel cable running through rollers across the top of the system. Nylon cables are fixed to this cable, looping around the curtain and fastening again at the top. To operate the system, the curtain rolls up at the top while being simultaneously lifted up by the looped nylon cables. This system is often used in poultry and pig farming. Thanks to the system’s multifunctionality, it is also suitable for many other applications. 

The extra windbreak net is fixed to an aluminium frame and mounted in front of the curtain wall. Thanks to this mesh, birds stay outside. If the system has been automated, for example with a remote control or climate computer, the bird mesh provides extra safety. Children no longer have access to the revolving reel, minimising the risk of accidents. As the bird mesh is installed on the outside of the opening, rain will clean the mesh naturally.

The system is mounted to the existing structure in its entirety, requiring only 10cm at the top and 15cm at the bottom. 


Depending on preference, the PolyropeSystem can be operated manually (crank) or motorised. Optionally, you can connect a climate computer

Fabric: wide range of colours per windbreak factor

May absolutely no rain or wind penetrate the windbreak net? Or do you prefer a more breathable fabric? We weld everything completely to order in our factory, allowing us to combine various types of windbreak mesh and tarpaulin. The bird mesh is also available in various windbreak factors. We strive to find the best solution for every project and application! 

Our windbreak nets are available in multiple colours per windbreak factor, all fire retardant (flammability class M2).

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