PolySystem with storm tubes

The perfect system for free-range poultry and organic poultry or pig farming!
Product code: 
111 035
  • Openings up to 100m wide and 2m high
  • Opens from the bottom upwards
  • Multifunctional: useful in many applications!
  • Fasteners are stainless
  • Suitable for difficult conditions
  • Custom-made
  • Superior wind resistance
  • CE label

Construction and operation

The system rolls up from the bottom, allowing air to enter from below. The system is controlled from the centre of the opening, using an axle with lateral play. This system is often used in poultry and pig farming. Thanks to the system’s multifunctionality, it is also suitable for many other applications. 
The system is mounted to the existing structure in its entirety, requiring only 10cm at the top and 15cm at the bottom. 


Depending on preference, the Poly System can be operated manually (crank) or motorised

Fabric: wide range of colours per windbreak factor

Sample applications

Poultry barns

In this application, the Poly System curtain wall consists of two panels welded together: a fixed section at the top and an adjustable panel below. This lower section, at the height of the chickens, rolls up from the bottom. This allows the chickens to easily exit the barn. This mobile element has a maximum height of 1.5 m.
For the two welded sections, combining two different types of windbreak mesh is common:
- Fixed upper panel: 90%
- Mobile bottom panel: tarpaulin (100%)
This keeps out enough wind while still letting in air and light. Unlike the permeable fabric, the chickens won’t peck at the tarpaulin. That’s why tarpaulin was chosen for the lower section. 

Pig farms and other applications

Pigs are sensitive to wind and draughts. But it is still important to keep the barn well-ventilated. With the Poly System, you can regulate the air intake using pressure.Windbreak mesh with a factor of 98% is a common curtain option. Organic pig farms often opt for fabric with a windbreak factor of 75% to allow in more light.


Safe operation of our systems is extremely important to us. That’s why you may only connect a climate computer if the system is mounted 2.70 m from the ground or higher.  If this is not the case, you can install bird mesh in front of the system. If a system has been automated, for example with a remote control or climate computer, we recommend installing a windbreak mesh in front of the revolving reel for the sake of safety. This helps reduce the risk of accidents. Go to the webpage for this system with extra windbreak net.

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