Textile Cladding

Use façade cladding to transform every building into an extraordinary design!
  • Permanent
  • Façade architecture
  • Static and dynamic structures
  • Printable (colour guarantee of up to 10 years)
  • An endless array of possibilities
  • For an energy-efficient building


Are you interested in a textile façade for your building? We will produce and install your custom design. Use textile cladding to transform every building into an extraordinary design. Combine dynamic shapes, graphic designs and light for endless possibilities.

Moreover, the cladding protects you from the sunlight, while letting through sufficient light, for an energy-efficient building.



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  • Projects

    The fun canopy protects the pupils against the rain and sun.
  • Projects

    Festival-goers are protected against the rain and sun under the Flower Sheds.
  • Projects

    The membrane structure offers protection and directs the captured rainwater to the pond on the patio.
  • Projects

    Textile architecture is a perfect solution for façade renovation.
  • Projects

    This huge span tent is the place to be, both day and night, at the Lowlands Festival.

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