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Dust and soot from the loading process no longer affect the products. And lorries can still navigate easily between both areas to transport products.


Loading and unloading took place in the same area as product storage. The loading procedures caused dust and soot to settle on the stored products.


The area was divided into two completely separate sections using dust curtains and a roll-up gate.Now, the stored products can be kept separate, away from the loading area. 


  • Thanks to a transparent strip in the gate, forklift operators can see through it.
  • Using remotes, the gate can be operated easily from the forklift. 
  • As an additional safety measure, the gate has been fitted with red lighting which lights up when the gate descends.
  • The grey fabric provides a neutral appearance. 



Fixed windbreaks (dust screen)


Number of sections




Total side length: 80m

Height: 9,5m

Length: 5m

Height: 5m


Windbreak factor: 98%

Colour: Grey (GRY98)

Windbreak factor: 98%

Colour: Grey (GRY98)














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    Thanks to the Maxidoor, we can completely seal the large front entrance to our warehouse. This prevents the wind from affecting the waste too much. Our lorries can drive through the gate without difficulty, which was a key requirement for us.
  • Projects

    Initially, we wondered if it would be worth the money, but in retrospect this has been one of our better investments. The birds just stay away, as they know they can’t get in anymore. Unpleasant odours have also been reduced significantly, an unexpected side benefit for us!
  • Projects

    The wind is kept away and paper and cardboard no longer blow into the neighbouring street. Our waste is also protected from heavy rainfall, benefiting the disposal process!

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