Wood processing company

Dust and soot from the loading process no longer affect the products. And lorries can still navigate easily between both areas to transport products.




    Fixed windbreaks (dust screen)



    Total side length: 80m

    Height: 9,5m

    Length: 5m

    Height: 5m


    Windbreak factor: 98%

    Colour: Grey (GRY98)

    Windbreak factor: 98%

    Colour: Grey (GRY98)



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    • Los-en laadzone


      The dust from the loading process no longers affect the environment.
    • Projects

      The wind is kept away and paper and cardboard no longer blow into the neighbouring street. Our waste is also protected from heavy rainfall, benefiting the disposal process!
    • Projects

      Thanks to the Maxidoor, the large front entrance to the recycle plant, can be completely sealed. This prevents the wind from affecting the waste too much. The lorries can drive through the gate without difficulty, which was a key requirement.

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